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There are three main categories of dental insurance. Here are the three most common types of dental insurance:

1. Dental Health Maintenance Organizations (DHMOs):

These plans are typically quite affordable compared to other forms of dental insurance. Dentists are paid a certain amount each month by the insurance company, and this also tends to improve the quality of care at the offices that are covered by the plan.

However, your options are rather limited in terms of the dentists that you can see. In addition, DHMOs may not cover all dental procedures.

The size of companies that offer DHMOs varies considerably. If you can, it is best to seek out a DHMO with a large pool of patients. Larger DHMOs typically cover dentist’s offices that provide higher quality care.

2. PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations):

Preferred Provider Organizations generally have higher premiums than Dental Health Maintenance Organizations. PPOs cover dental expenses by paying a percentage of the cost of care. While this percentage varies between insurance providers, it often is quite high. This is especially true if you’re getting certain types of dental procedures done.

When you’re looking for a PPO, it’s important to carefully look at what procedures the policy covers. Furthermore, it is essential that you closely examine the size of the preferred provider network. In addition, you should look into their policy regarding coverage outside of the preferred provider network. Delta Dental (Delta Dental) and Nationwide (Nationwide) are two major PPOs in New York State, and they are both reputable companies.

3. Indemnity Plans:

Indemnity plans typically have high out of pocket costs associated with them, but there is always a lot of options in terms of the dentists that you’re able to see. Indemnity plans offer coverage based on a fee schedule. The determination as to how much the plan will pay for a procedure is made after the bill is reviewed by the insurance company. In addition, dentists work with the company in order to create the fee schedule. These plans are offered by both Nationwide and Dela Dental.

What Does Dental Insurance Typically Cost?

The cost of dental insurance varies considerably (eHealth Insurance), but the average plan is around 30 dollars per month. Typically, the cost of dental insurance is below 1,000 dollars per year.

How Can I Get A Quote?

Online search engines (Easy Dental Quotes) are available that allow you to compare the estimated rates of different plans. In addition, you can contact an insurance company directly to get a quote. This can be done either over the phone or online.