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Comparing Dental Insurance Options in North Dakota with Free Quotes

If you’re shopping for dental insurance in North Dakota, it’s important that you find a plan that fits what you need and offers you the best deal. But the best deal isn’t always the plan with the lowest monthly premiums, as you also need to consider the overall value of each options. To get free quotes on dental insurance and discount plans in North Dakota, enter your ZIP code here on our site. Before you get your quotes, you should make sure you understand how each type of plan works.

Dental Coverage Options in North Dakota

North Dakota offers three main types of dental plans, which are indemnity plans, Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans and discount plans. These types of plans have different levels of coverage and some are more flexible than others. Here’s how each type of plan works:

Indemnity Plans

This type of plan uses a fee-for-service model where the provider reimburses you for a set percentage of any dental service you receive. Indemnity plan providers use what is called a Usual, Customary and Reasonable (UCR) index, which means they calculate how much services cost on average among dentists in your area. They use that UCR index to create their fee schedules, which list the percentages that the provider covers. Fee schedules can and do change.

Two of North Dakota’s biggest indemnity plan providers are American National and Nationwide. When you have an indemnity plan, you don’t need to look for a dentist in a specific network, because these plans cover you no matter which dentist you choose. Just keep in mind that you receive reimbursement after your provider receives and verifies your bill, so you’ll need to initially cover the full cost of your dental services out of pocket.

PPO Plans

With a PPO plan, the plan provider has a contract with a number of dentists which form its network. If you have coverage through the PPO provider, you can receive services from those dentists at a discounted rate. Dentists agree to this because connecting with a provider increases their pool of patients.

Two of the state’s most popular PPO providers are Ameritas and Nationwide. PPO plans are affordable and tend to cost less than indemnity plans, but there are a few drawbacks to note. If you end up using a dentist outside the network, you’ll pay much more, so it’s best to avoid that whenever possible. Make sure to find out what coverage your plan provides if you need to get dental services out of network because of an emergency. You may need to go through a waiting period for some procedures, and you’ll have a maximum amount of services you’re covered for in each calendar year.

Discount Plans

First and foremost, discount plans technically aren’t dental insurance. A discount plan provider won’t reimburse you for your dental bills or even communicate with your dentist. A discount plan simply entitles you to a discounted rate for your dental services, when you go to dentists who participate in the plan. One major benefit of these plans is the freedom they provide.

Two of the main discount plan providers in North Dakota are Aetna Dental and Careington International. Discount amounts are available on each provider’s discount fee schedule. Look into these schedules carefully, as some plans are great for basic procedures but don’t help much with major procedures. When you get a discount plan, you pay a fee to sign up and then pay either a yearly or monthly fee to maintain the plan. You receive a discount card from your plan provider, and you show that card to any participating dentist to receive your discount. You’ll then need to pay out of pocket for the discounted services.