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Many individuals, families, and businesses seek less costly options to reduce out-of-pocket costs. There are different types of dental plans in South Carolina that are affordable and have many benefits. Some dental plans provide a wider coverage than others and others might require a larger financial contribution on the insured part than others.

There are different dental insurance plans offered in South Carolina for one to choose from. They include;

  • Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO)
  • Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO)
  • Dental Indemnity Insurance
  • Discount Dental plans

Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO)

It is a very popular dental option as they are known to be very flexible in allowing insured to choose his or her own dental specialist. Compared to HMO, PPO is considered to offer a better service since it has fewer limitations.

In addition to that, the DPPOs are a managed care organizations with a broader network of dentists under contract with a dental insurance carrier. However, their premiums are usually costlier. Many businesses often prefer PPO to provide their employees with a valuable cover.

The network of dentists provides the members of this cover with special rates on dental care. They cover a certain part of the dental cost in exchange for a broader access to patients. They prefer to cut off a percentage of the dental services cost rather than providing a fixed rate for the members of the organization.

However, they cover an amount depending on the type of dental procedure taken by the patient. Therefore, it is necessary to find out what types of services are covered under the policy and the rates offered before taking the insurance cover.

Dental Health Maintenance Organizations (DHMOs)

They are considered the most affordable covers compared to other dental insurance plans. It has a network of dental specialists who are in contact with the dental insurance company. The HMOs have pre-determined rates that are set by the dental insurance companies to the insured members.

Often, employees who are not provided with dental insurance by their employers turn to the HMOs for a dental cover. The main advantage of the HMO is that they offer lower premiums as compared to other dental insurance options.

However, the plans come with strict restrictions on their insured patients. For instance, if the insured member sees another dental specialist who is not on the network, they will demand a reimbursement. Therefore, the patient must choose a dentist from a pre-approved list.

As opposed to the DPPOs, DHMOs dentists may not have a personal relationship with the patient as they have a specific number of patients they are expected to see in a predetermined time. Therefore, they may have to rush through their dental appointments.

Dental Indemnity Insurance Plans

They are also known as the fee-for-service insurance plans. They offer the most flexible terms in selecting a dental specialist of your choice but they have a higher cost on the part of the patient as opposed to other dental insurance plans. They require the patient to pay the dentist directly for the services received.

They receive compensation from the dental insurance company after submitting claims so as to receive reimbursements. However, the reimbursements take a very long time before the members can receive it and are expected to pay the difference if the amount for the dental procedure is higher than the amount they have been reimbursed.

However, dental indemnity plans also come with the benefit of choosing your own dentist, changing dentists, and even seeing a dental specialist without a referral. Unfortunately, many individuals and businesses may shy away from the plan because of its high premiums and high annual deductibles and the long claim procedures.

Dental indemnity is a better option for a business or an organization than it is for a family or an individual.

Dental discount plans

When it comes to discount plans, members are required to pay a monthly or an annual subscription for a discount card that they provide when they visit a dental specialist so as to receive dental service at a discounted rate. However, the patient has to clear any cost that is not covered by the discount.

Before choosing an insurance plan, it is advisable to go through it and see its pros and cons. This way, you will be able to the plan that suits your pocket. Every provider has their rate and the specific service description. Subsequently, ensure you find out everything there is to know about the dental insurance cover that you intend to purchase.