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Getting a Quote

South Dakota has many dental insurance providers offering different types of coverage, so the best deal will depend on your specific needs or your family’s needs, if you’re looking for a family plan. We can help you compare the options available to you by providing free plan quotes for both dental insurance and discount plans, and all you need to do is enter your ZIP code. It’s a good idea to get informed about how the types of dental plans differ first so you have the knowledge to make the right decision.

South Dakota’s Dental Plan Options

In South Dakota, you have two main dental plan options: Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans and discount plans. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to dental plans, so you’ll need to consider your financial situation, coverage needs and how much flexibility you’d like when it comes to your dentist. Another factor to take into account is whether it’s important that you can get services without a waiting period. Here are how the types of dental plans differ:

PPO Plans

PPO providers have mutually beneficial agreements in place with their networks of dentists. Each dentist in a provider’s network agrees to provide services at a certain rate, so when you have a PPO, you’re guaranteed a maximum cost of service. The dentist benefits because they gain access to the PPO provider’s pool of patients, increasing their business.

The main benefit of PPO plans is that you can go to any dentist within the network and get that guaranteed rate, so you don’t need to worry about out-of-pocket costs that are higher than you expected. Just keep in mind that there is often reduced coverage if you obtain dental services outside of your plan’s network. In a situation where you need emergency care and go to an out-of-network dentist, you could end up paying more. You should read your policy’s terms to find out what your provider covers in emergency care situations. For some procedures, there will be a waiting period with PPO plans, and your plan will likely have a maximum amount of services it covers for you in a calendar year. Ameritas and HumanaOne are two of the larger PPO providers in the state.

Discount Plans

Discount plan providers don’t reimburse you for your dental expenses or have any interactions with your dentist. When you have a discount plan, you’re paying a monthly or yearly fee for a discount card. You can then show that card at any participating dentist for a discount rate on your services, and there is no limit on your discounted dental care. A discount plan isn’t the same as dental insurance, and people typically go with this type of plan when they want to avoid the complications of a traditional dental insurance plan, such as dental care limits per year.

You’ll want to shop around if you’re looking for a discount plan, because costs and discount amounts vary from provider to provider. Check out each provider’s discount fee schedule to see how much of a discount you would receive. Two of South Dakota’s largest discount plan providers are Aetna Dental and Careington Internationl.