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Visiting the dentist is something that the majority of us put off. You focus on your health and family, but you don’t focus on your smile. It’s easy to avoid the dentist when there isn’t a problem. You might not see the necessity in going to the dentist for a cleaning and routine exam, but both of these things can prevent you from encountering future problems and keep issues from getting worse. Dental insurance is a must-have for those living in Vermont who need to be covered. It is the only thing that is going to help cut the cost of going to your local dental office. Because there are so many types of policies and plans available, it can sometimes be confusing to know which one fits your needs the best.

Importance of Dental Coverage

Dental coverage is vital to everyone in your family because it allows you to keep your teeth in good shape. After all, if you’re paying for coverage, you probably want to make good use of it and go for routine exams, x-rays and cleanings. If you don’t have coverage, it’s easy to putt of getting to your local dentist’s office because of the price involved. Dental procedures are not only scary to the average patient, but they can be incredibly expensive.

Plans Available in Vermont

The state of Vermont offers two main types of dental insurance plans. This isn’t to say that you won’t find other options, but these are the two most common and most cost-effective.

The first type of dental plan in Vermont is known as an indemnity plan. Indemnity plans allow you to pick and choose the dentist you’d like to go to. You won’t have to work within a network and be subject to the dentists the insurance provider covers. The issue with indemnity plans is that you’re required to pay out-of-pocket for any procedure done and will be compensated possibly weeks later upon the work being approved by your insurance company. If you don’t have the money upfront to pay for dental care, this isn’t going to be the right plan for you. In Vermont, the two most popular indemnity plan providers are HumanaOne and Patriot Health.

The second type of dental insurance, and the most popular, is known as a PPO. PPO plans work within a network of select dentists that you will be required to choose from. Very rarely will a PPO allow you to work with the dentist of your choosing if they aren’t in the network. You will pay a monthly or annual fee to retain coverage and will be limited to a yearly cap. This cap may be only about $1,000 a year per person, which means that if any of the work comes to more than $1,000 for that year, you’re left paying out of your own pocket. Most employers in the state of Vermont offer PPO plans only. Ameritas is the most commonly found company in Vermont providing PPO plans.

Starting Your Coverage

To begin your coverage, you’ll need to find a reputable company and go through the process of signing up. Dental insurance companies will not ask about your current oral health or the condition of your teeth, which makes it ideal for people who need a lot of work done and are afraid of being denied coverage. It should only take a few minutes of your time to sign up for insurance and your coverage will start almost immediately. Let’s say that you sign up for a policy today; you’ll be able to go to the dentist tomorrow with your much-needed insurance plan.

If you’re currently working and have an employer who offers dental insurance, ask about the different plans and prices available. Oftentimes, it’s cheaper to get covered through your employer, but you might also be limited to the one or two plans they provide to their employees. When it comes down to it, dental insurance is a must for anyone who wants to keep their smile looking its best. Don’t wait until there is a problem to get covered because it might be too late. Take the time now to find the right company and sign yourself and your family up for insurance.