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While the dentist may not be the most fun place in the world to visit, you should plan ahead for the costs of the services that they provide. Most services start at a couple hundred dollars and can progress into the couple thousand dollar range. A good dental insurance plan can help keep you from paying that much money out of pocket.

In Wyoming, there are three different dental insurance options that you can take advantage of. These include PPOs, Discount Plans, and Indemnity Polices. We’re going to go into detail about each of these dental insurance types below so that you better understand what each one entails.


These are formally referred to as preferred provider organizations. These organizations seek out dentists to put in their network who agree to not only offer a discounted price to the organization’s members but to also put a guaranteed maximum amount on the services they provide. Dentists do this in exchange for access to a large pool of members that organizations have.

Members of the PPO can seek oral health care within the network of providers that organization has established. They will receive a discounted rate for the dental procedures that are performed because of their membership. These programs do require you to pay a deductible and they institute yearly maximums. The PPO will typically cover out-of-network services at a reduced rate. There are a few common providers that residents use for PPO coverage. These include Nationwide, Ameritas, and HumanaOne.

 Discount Plans

These discounts plans are somewhat similar to PPOs in the sense that you receive a discount when you go to a dentist, however, they have more freedom. With discount dental insurance plans you can go to any dentist that accepts the discount card. In order to gain access to the discount card, you must pay a monthly or yearly premium to the dental discount card provider.

One major benefit to this program is that individuals can receive as much dental care as they would like. Other plans tend to restrict the number of times you can visit the dentist throughout the year, but with dental discount programs, you don’t have to worry about that. As a discount member, you will receive a fee schedule so you know exactly what the discount will be which you will receive for the specific service you are looking to get. Some popular discount plans in Wyoming are Aetna Dental, Patriot Health, and Careington International.

 Indemnity Policies

These policies are the typical program that many individuals seek out when looking for dental health coverage. These are commonly known as fee-for-service plans. Indemnity insurance policies allow you to visit whatever dental health professional you prefer. You will be given a fee schedule so you know ahead of time what the indemnity insurance company will cover. However, it’s important to note that you will have to pay for the entire dental procedure upfront and then send the bill to your insurance company to get reimbursed.

These insurance providers make up a fee schedule based on the UCR index. This is known formally at the Usual, Customary, and Reasonable index. It gives the average cost of services for dentists within your specific geographical location. The provider will list the percentage they will cover for each dental procedure based off of this index. Some common indemnity providers in the Wyoming area include American National and Nationwide. We suggest looking in with multiple different firms as each keeps their own UCR index, which means various coverage difference between companies.

If you do not currently have oral health coverage, it’s time to start looking. Review these types of programs that are available in the great state of Wyoming. Figure out which program provides the best fit for your lifestyle and finances.

You should remember to check if your local dentist is on the network of approved doctors for the PPO and Dental Discount programs. There is a lot to consider when deciding on the right program. We highly encourage everyone to get various quotes from numerous dental insurance providers as each one will be a bit different. You should review the policy guidelines and the fee schedules provided so you can opt for the best valued dental insurance plan.